At IQ CREATIVE MEDIA, we work hard to provide high-end media production services in order to fulfill the needs of our clients.

We are creators and innovators who want to make every single concept and every little detail stand out. We create TV show concepts that can be sold or line-produced by a different network or company.

Advertisements that are eye-catching and attractive to the target audience. We at IQ CREATIVE MEDIA can conceptualize and/or work with our client to execute an innovative and fresh idea to capture our target audience.

Our flexibility and fresh perspective on every material are what makes us different. We coordinate with our clients with their concept and sprinkle it with our creativity to make videos fun, informative and professional at the same time.

Our people at IQ CREATIVE MEDIA recognize talent. We nurture and develop talents as we treat them with great care and respect. We handle their imaging, branding, schedules, and contracts – giving them ample time to relax and hustle at the same time. Special talents needs special care and handling. IQ CREATIVE MEDIA is dedicated to make their talents respected and giving them “premium” as much as possible.